About Me: Eleanor at Bulb


I’m Eleanor. You may have noticed that I’ve been asking and answering lots of questions on the Community recently. That’s because part of my new role at Bulb is to look after you guys - the Bulb Community.

I’m the person to go to for anything Community related. I sit next to @“Bill at Bulb”. He’s also a good person to poke. Send us a message any time. You can ask questions or just say hi.

I started at Bulb as an Energy Specialist so I know a thing or two about how to help with your energy accounts. But I’m also here to find out what Bulb can be doing to make things better. Any ideas (big, small, crazy or weird) - please share them with us.

Outside of Bulb, I love to play rugby. 15s, tag, touch, 7s. Anything that involves running around with a rugby ball.

You’ll start to hear more from Team Bulb. We’ll use the Community as a place to introduce ourselves. It’ll be a good opportunity to hear a little more about what we do.


Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb”, and the wider community. I’m also here to help - shoot me a message whenever. I’m just like Eleanor but worse at Rugby.

@“Eleanor at Bulb” loves biscuits too!