About me: Jon - Lead energy and member support geek

Hi Guys,

I am Jon and I lead our team of energy specialists (aka member support crew) here at Bulb. Its my job (along with the team) to make sure all of our members are happy and have everything they need.

We are focussed on ensuring the team is resourced perfectly with the right people (so enquires are answered accurately and super fast), everyone’s transfer to Bulb is quick and painless, everyone’s bills are accurate and on time and that we are delivering an award winning, legendary member experience. I am also responsible for making sure we have a happy, engaged and continuously improving support team capable of nailing every aspect of our service (and just generally being super Bulby)

I am also the resident Australian. Relocating a few months ago, I am receiving a crash course in British culture and learning all the nuisances of the UK energy market. Fortunately the UK and Australian energy markets are really similar in many ways.

I haved worked in the energy industry for nearly 15 years and been a part of two other Australian energy start-ups (Simply Energy and Alinta). I am super excited about being a part of the Bulb community and building a new supplier that is thinking differently and challenging the big guys.

I am a massive dog fan and missing my puppies terribly (they are living temporarily in Tasmania while I get set-up). Looking forward to having them back soon (that is my two on the far right with their friends from home)

I love hearing from our members so if you need anything or have any questions or suggestions, hit me up.

How long until you get your pooches over here? What are their names?

I think @Hayden was thinking about getting an office dog at one point.

Aww such cute dogs.

@Hayden, can we get an office dog ?

The girl (the one lying down) is Chachi and her brother (back middle) is Oliver aka Ollie.

They are both inseparable!

Hoping to get them here at some point next year once we move into something with a bit of an outdoor area.

Hey @Siobhan - yes, Bulb should be a dog friendly place. Lets see if they’re allowed in our building

@Jon I am more of a cat person so I might not be able to visit you as I’m allergic to dogs and horses ( possibly other animals to )
now as one who always dives in and tells you as it is I want to tell you about two customer service issues I hope you won’t repeat.
One a company wishes me to share bank details account and sort code via email they refuse to even look at my complaint until I do and refuse to contact me by phone which the bank said was a suitable way to confirm such details but not email. I hope you’ll never expect members to share private details over an unsecure email.
A second company after a few days of lodging an official complaint have got back to be asking for at least 6 different things to confirm before they will look at my complaint, now as a now even more annoyed customer I find this type of holding off complainants a little underhand, if there a complaint it needs sorted and yes customers can make error and some can be trying it on but theres a lot of genuine customer who just need good customer service.
Top of my list comes John Lewis though waitrose come near the bottom for consistently serving me cold hot drinks and making an errors with my milk, result I don’t shop there any more and I have saved myself quite a bit of money.

Even if a company makes an error good customer service can save the day

@pinkcalculator given you have been so amazing on our community, I will overlook your aversion to my fur babies. They are surprisingly very friendly to cats (providing the cats don’t attempt to run… then they think it’s a game and that might not end well.

Thanks for raising these two poor experiences and I can assure you, they will not be problems you would have with Bulb!

We will never ask you to send your bank card/debit card details to us by e-mail. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and take the security of personal information and data security very seriously.

We want to be awesome at providing service to our members and while we are doing lots of things to achieve that, the most important thing we do is have common sense.

Asking ourselves and each other “how would I feel as a member if that happened to me” and “can we do that in a better way”. This philosophy is at the centre of our complaints handling approach.

You also hit the nail on the head with the last bit. If we make an error or something isn’t right, making it right quickly and taking ownership is the most important thing. Analysing the root cause is super important to prevent the same issue happening again but that is for us to do in our own time, not for our members to worry about.

Thanks for your reply @Jon sox the cat we have won’t run he will attack given a chance !
Id love to upload a photo but having mac issues to say the least

I think looking at an issue from the members point of view is really imperative, and not only that you do have to give some leeway for them making genuine errors like a wrong figure not being counted as a deliberate attempt to defraud the county. most people find new things a bit daunting and communities is still quite new and members need guidance and gentle education of how to act on a community and how to get the best out of the community for themselves and others.
We live in a world where many people are very isolated and alone and communities such as this can not only support them with the direct product but just to be in comunication with others which is something we need more of.