About me: Maxwell at Bulb


I’m Maxwell, but please call me Max. I’m a copywriter at Bulb and have been writing for Bulb for the past three months.

Not everyone knows what a copywriter does but basically, I write words. These words live on our website, emails, blog, ads - pretty much everywhere.

The average day for me at Bulb starts with standup and a coffee. I’ll then plan out my day with tasks I want to finish and those I want to begin. I love to add a strategic element to my writing, so when possible I’ll run tests to see which copy performs best. You’d be surprised by some of the results.

Bulb’s a great company to write for. Not only do they have a great tone of voice, but they provide the freedom and support to do things your way. They also provide a pretty remarkable breakfast on Fridays.

My writing background contains mobile network providers, a digital bank, shopping centres, and a Viagra retailer, and now a renewable energy supplier.

When outside the office, you may find me shooting hoops at a local park, relaxing with a nice cold Beavertown, or watching and playing football. I’m often helping friends and family write their own words, whether it’s my Dad’s chauffeur company, my friend’s e-commerce website or my other half’s caption for her latest Instagram post.

So that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I’ll see you around, most likely in a chirpy-written email :slight_smile:

Hey @“Maxwell at Bulb”. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Bulb Community!

Hey @“Maxwell at Bulb”

Great to see you joining the Bulb team, you’ll be a great asset to the team from what I have read so far.

I do the same sort of thing with another digital mobile network, creating content for them, writing articles, emails and producing videos - the whole works! It would be great to collaborate on some projects in the near future so let me know if there’s anything and give me a shout when you feel I could lend a hand!