About me: Will the Community Honcho

Hi folks,

I’m Will and I’m the Community and Communication guy at Bulb. It’s my job to make sure that you get the information that you need, to listen to all of your feedback and help you help us make Bulb better. This also means that I look after the community platform and all the members in there. This is why I have a different title on the community; I should be the first person you poke for anything community related. Send me a message any time.

I’m a big fan of bad jokes and puns, so throw me your worse and I’ll judge them.

See you around,


Hi Will, looks good!

Just bought a pancake from down the road. I think it’s been made wrong though, it tastes like crepe.

Oh dear, Will wheeling out the Dad jokes again…

Will stick with the day time job your much better at that, far to sensible and serous to be a comedian :stuck_out_tongue:
Any chance of some more emoticons and moving ones Im bored of the ones youve got

@pinkcalculator Your wish is my command…!


<3 I suppose its polite to say thanks but i wanted more and moving exciting ones like on the 02 forum you need to talk to Toby

Ha. Maybe I’ll give Mr Bignell a call at some point then :slight_smile:

Hmm this vanilla things nice.

Hi Will and all, this place is groovy, II shouldn’t get too addicted though I might get used to the nice design.

I shouldn't get too addicted though I might get used to the nice design.

I could think of worse things though :slight_smile:

like a chocolate addiction :wink: