About the £50

Hi I was wondering when I will receive my £50 for signing up I will be properly switched to bulb on 12 February

And how do they transfer it do they email it to you or call up thank you

It takes 21 days from the switch and it is added to the credit in your Bulb account

Go the help button and type in switching for more info.

It said they would transfer 50 through partners transfer wise and all I need to do is give them my account and sort code

Not that it would be credited

Maybe contact bulb then.

Our prepayment members should receive an email from Transferwise within a few days of switching so they can get their £50.

I haven’t got a message but so I will get an email a few days after switching

I also still haven’t received my electric key which I switch fully tomorrow but was supposed to of received my electric key before

I think you need to contact Bulb direct as this is a customer forum and we cannot answer all your questions.

OK thank you I will do that tomorrow