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How can you lower your carbon footprint? Being with Bulb is a great start - share what else you are doing.

Hi Eric, it’s great to hear what Bulb is doing to be Green, specifically with electric vehicles. I read the blog by Rob Penny last year on the app Bulb is developing on smarter car charging. I have created a website www.evowners.co.uk that provides drivers on information and knowledge before embarking on their EV journey. I am reaching out to Bulb to advertise you as a energy provider on my site. I am already a Bulb customer at home. Would like your thoughts on this? or maybe you can direct me to your marketing department? Thanks Eric. Regards, Harshani

Hi Eric, love the focus on lowering carbon footprint! I want to share with my fellow Bulb community an app project that I think will be aligned with a lot of members’ values. It’s called The Climate App - and it will let you and your friends build up a community where you can set goals and track your progress to reduce C02 emissions (eg. actions like switching to a green energy provider like Bulb, cycling instead of driving, offsetting carbon etc).

Although it is focused on individual changes they aim to help create a broader shift too and look at the collective change of big impact action. It will also be particularly helpful to the many people who are not that active in the climate movement at the moment, but have made changes like switching to Bulb and want to reduce their carbon footprint and actively support the move towards a carbon-neutral society.

If you’d like to read more on this, and also sign-up to the mailing list to support the app - please check out more info here: www.theclimateapp.earth/crowdfunding