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Just a wee worry about your calculations!
Joined 5 months ago so 5 lots of monthly usage amounts:- 5 monthly totals divided by 5 = average monthly usage to encourage me to top up my account I suppose. But…you say my monthly average usage is £89.19 but by my calculation, it’s only £56 90!! That’s more than a third less.
So I’m just hoping all your computer is just trying to ensure, is that I have a huge credit balance ready for the winter. But seriously, I find your statements SO easy to follow, it’s a pleasure after years of heartache and pain from the ‘big four’ and others!
So thank you Bulb :kissing_heart:


Can you please cancel my switch to bulb. I have not heard anything. I’m going to find a different supplier.

Thank kristopher Bauld

Are bulb customers locked into a contact for any period of time or can they leave whenever they decide?

I have just joined Bulb and ALL procedures were completed today and outstanding monies from previous supplier returned
All I can say is SEAMLESS.

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I just want to say I am very happy with the service from Bulb …no complaints up to now
Competetive prices
Excellent communication
Easy online service
Compared with the nightmare I had with NPower well there is no comparison

I am not getting a reminder email why?