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Hi, I’m Sue, until recently most of our electricity came from our 250kW solar installation which generates enough power for about 80 houses. We’ve moved about 100m and sadly we have been quoted £10,000 to connect to our new house :disappointed:. On the upside we are looking at doing some major renovations to the property so going to explore ground source heat pump. We drive a Tesla which is phenomenal and are busy re-wilding most of our 8 acres.

Hey @suereid :wave:

Welcome to Community! Thanks for the introduction as well, always nice to see who’s out there. I love the sound of the rewilding - i think nature does the best creating itself :evergreen_tree:

It’s a shame about the cost of new solar panels- £10,000 is quite a lot! Was this because you were looking at a particularly large installation? We wrote a bit about the future of solar so I’d be interested to know what you think about it generally having had your house mostly supplied by it until recently?

Great to hear about the heat pumps as well- are you going for ground or air source? @cara_at_bulb is our knowledge guru about those so if you have any questions or even feedback we’d love to hear it. I know @izzyhunt is quite clued up on them - we’re always interested in knowing how the installations and switches to heatpumps go so please keep us updated :eyes:

And a car too! It sounds like you’re fully onboard with a renewable approach to living- What’s going to be your first big trip in the Tesla? Our EV community’s got some good ideas for trips, personally a fan of @Campbell_at_Bulb 's North Coast 500 idea myself. :oncoming_automobile:

Hi I have been with bulb just over a year and thought they were one of the cheaper energy suppliers, since having my smart meters installed the cost has shot up and I don’t understand how as my partner is in bed most of the day as he works night shift and I am out at work through the day, I am supposedly using a lot of gas each month but only use gas for my heating and hot water my heating hasn’t been 9n for months as the weather has been lovely so how come now my payments are rocketing up to £126 the least I can pay from next month. I am in the process of looking for a cheaper energy company as this pricing is ridiculous.

Hi everyone, just switched to a smart meter and awaiting the data feed to spring into life. Switched 10 days ago and so far I have 3 electricity and 2 gas readings and no graphs on the app. Hoping things pick up soon. During the day I work in the smart meter world so very interested in how it works for everyone.

Hello, I am Mike Meehan, a father of a son and daughter and a grandfather to two granddaughters and a grandson. I live with my wife in a 1930’s built semi which has solid brick walls. I am concerned about, to give it its proper title, anthropogenic global warming and to this end, installed double loft insulation, the glass fibre on the floor of the attic with the foam between the rafters, exterior wall insulation, as well as double glazing all round. We have had solar PV for the past eight years and last January, added a battery to the system and now have a program on my computer which keeps a constant record and I am pleased to say that since then, despite a mostly cloudy summer, over 80% of our electricity has been ‘free’ coming from the sun. In addition we have now had fitted solar water heating panels. Being of an advanced age, I doubt that I will recover all the monitory outlay of the costs in our lifetime but that is not really the point, which is for all of us to reduce our carbon output for the sake of future generations, Although we are still using gas, it is much less now and I am hoping that despite the fuel price increases this year, I will still be able to retain my monthly payments at their relatively low level.

Hello Bulb Community
I am a prospective Bulb customer being an active switcher. I am currently about to be forcibly switched by the closure of Peoples Energy.

However I have a problem. I have an Economy 7 meter, but choose to select the regular rate electricity tariff, since I no longer have night storage heaters.

Please can Bulb assure me that I can choose that tariff from the outset rather than my meter supply reference dictate?

Hi all. I’ve been a Bulb customer since 2018 and happy with the sevice so far.

I’m Redha Qahtan
I want ask you about my bill please. in e mail you told me I could see my payment in my account, and when I logged in to my account I didn’t see anything.

I’m Ethermax and have been with Bulb for short while and I am leaving to go to a fixed deal, no reflection on Bulb but feel its the right thing to do.
I have over £150 in credit and believe this will cover my final bill and then some. I cant afford to pay another months payment so have cancelled my DD.
Have I done something wrong? I’ve received an email to re set up a DD but seems crazy if I’ve got enough credit - can someone explain how I resolve this (I’ve tried to live chat but to no avail & cant find a phone number) Hope someone can help Cheers

Hi i’m Tracey, Christmas eve today 24/12/21,and i get an email statement from bulb from 20/3/20-14/12/21 say my bill has been “corrected” and i owe an extra £200 almost, because they did not charge correctly in the past. Surely there is a time limit for corrected payments, Ive had a smart meter for 15 months and always submitted readings every time they have been requested. This does not seem legal. this was not good for christmas eve


I’m yet another disgruntled Bulb customer that can’t wait for someone to show a glimmer of competence in sorting out my account issues so I can settle up and move my business to one of your competitors.
It’s several weeks since one of your team promised to sort it out, the second time there has been an issue in less than six months since I made the terrible mistake of having one of your allegedly Smart meters installed.
In fairness you aren’t slower than a glacier in Iceland all the time. When I cancelled my direct debit to prevent a ridiculous and unwarranted hike in my monthly payment you emailed me same day about that. No follow up to my response so far though.
You also managed to phone me today when you couldn’t take money out of my account. I didn’t answer though, partly because I was driving but mostly because I have attached the same importance to your communications as you attach to mine. Could you maybe get some of that amazingly fast response transferred to the team that resolves Bulb’s shortcomings?

Oh yes, you suggested telling you an interesting fact about myself. I keep Malawi cichlids.

Have a nice day Bulb.

Hi I’m having trouble trying to find how I book a smart meter installation…can anyone help please :grinning:

Hi new to this forum and concerned about the high bill from last summer when radiators and boiler were switched off over £1000 getting nowhere with explations.

hello there is anybody else having no updates on there account

Hello , i was wondering if anyone else is still waiting for their hdi to arrive ??
Ive been waiting for months and it really is the only thing that makes it different to my old meter, so whats point of changing ,? Also i still am waiting on a payment card which i still prefer rather than the app
Sound familiar to anyone else ??

Do not go to BULB. Not a good idea

Waste of time they do not care

Good morning, I am GeoffH.
I intend to install a solar battery system in the near future.
I want to use the GivEnergy system but still waiting for Bulb to take that system on board.
My smart meter worked fine with Eon, but we are still making manual reading with Bulb.
Without an MCS certificate for my solar install, I can’t get paid for what I export to the grid. But if I do it anyway, what happens when my next meter reading is less than the previous one?

Hi I’m Muzzman and your chat facility is useless and can you stop taking my money from my bank account other than the direct debit set up … my dd is £108 on the 25th of each month and have never failed with it, logged into my bank account and you’ve taken £275 on the 9th May without any authority, spoke with my bank and they have raised an indemnity claim against you for it.

Have a good day