About to join but then came a concern!

My energy deal is about to end and I had a shortlist of smaller Green Energy providers - Bulb being one of them. Only then did I see this article in the Guardian and it raised some concerns <<>>. Now not sure whether to go ahead with a smaller provider - any thoughts / comments (especially from Bulb)?

Hi Pdab,

I joined Bulb nearly six months ago after a friend telling me how good they were. I’ve now being paying monthly direct debits for 6 months and have never received a statement to tell me how much I’ve used or how much I owe.

When I asked initially they said they were waiting on confirmation from an independent meter reader. Two months passed and more payments to them and now they sat there not sure of what type of meter I have. The customer service has been non existent. I now about to transfer back to my old supplier.

I noticed a few others have issues and wonder if they have got a bit big too quickly. Up to 10 days for an email reply? No company operates like that. Id stay well clear.

@pdab09 I have been with Bulb for 2 years and not had a problem at all. I believe if an energy supplier goes bust, you aren’t just left without a supply, it gets transferred to another supplier then you can change if you wish from there

@SJM1, the customer support issues they’re facing are not down to being a small supplier (in fact their support used to be the crème de la crème of the industry), it’s down to the fact they’ve very quickly become a large supplier.
They supply well over a million customers now and although not quite to the level of the “big 6”, they’re not at risk of going bust due to anything they might owe ofgem.

Hi, Mowcius,

I never mentioned anything in my post about anything or anyone going bust . Think that was for Darryl.

I only mentioned about companies going bust because the original post had a hyperlink to an article about smaller companies going bust :slight_smile: