Absolutely nothing right

Despite praise for the helpful customer support staff, nothing has gone right for me since joining Bulb.

  1. It takes two months to get my correct address on the system
  2. Despite Bulb sending emails saying my account is being debited, no direct debits are taken for 8 months so my £50 joining bonus - the cushion to stay in credit - is eaten away until I am in debt.
  3. Promised timescales for replies are broken requiring me to chase up the matter.
  4. Bulb finally get my direct debit sorted and I get a £10 credit for Bulb’s mistake (hoorah!). This should be good news except as soon as direct debits commence I go into debit AGAIN because a bank holiday (who knew that was coming?) means funds don’t reach my account on the first of the month and Bulb uses THAT day to check if I’m in credit or debit.
  5. It is suggested to me I might like to make my direct debit a few days earlier to avoid problems with Bank Holidays. I point out Bulb suggested the first of the month, and that they use that same day, with no leeway for transfer problems, for their accounting. Inevitably, this will identify debit which should not exist and use the figures to create bills that shouldn’t be that expensive.
  6. My smart meter is installed. It doesn’t work. Engineer says I need a better aerial. Bulb explain they were told there was enough signal in my area but there wasn’t - forget about the aerial. Maybe this isn’t Bulb’s fault, but wouldn’t you want to check signal strength before fitting the meter?
  7. Based on my account being in debit,(remember point 5?) Bulb wants to increase my bill in November by 156% for 6 months before I can lower it.

I’ve never needed to send so many emails to an energy company before.
Am now looking to change supplier.

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Hi @DrElectron

Welcome to the Bulb community, I’m sorry your first post was reporting these issues. I really like the name, though :zap:

It is clear you’ve had a number of issues with us that have gone on for an unacceptably long amount of time. I understand your decision to switch, but would like to try and help with any outstanding issues before then.

I’m going to email you directly so we can discuss further in the context of your account. If you could get back to me there when you have a chance that would be great.

I made errors in the above post on points 4 and 5. I’ve created a new post https://community.bulb.co.uk/t/direct-debit-not-fit-for-purpose-my-bad/89849?u=drelectron to put that right and to address point 7.