Access 30min meter data


I’ve had a smart meter for a year. Is there a way to get my data - presumably Bulb have it. If not does anyone have a guide to setting up a tablet to grab it daily from the IHD.

I came across a service that adapts my ASHP to the energy pricing - something I wanted 6 years ago when it was installed. I want to use historic data to work out if the potential saving outweighs the cost (£50 for the two subscriptions I need - the service + Nibe Premium).


Hey @MountainMan,

Excellent question indeed!

So if you have been with us for over a year, you should have already received your annual statement from Bulb which details your usage figures.

We can also compile your usage figures for you from when your smart meter(s) were installed.

If you would like to access this info, could you either request this by getting in touch with us via email ( or our live chat service?