Access my account

Why when I try to log in to my existing account does it show my previous address - which account is closed. Bulb have not responded to my question why - under their terms and conditions I should be able to access and manage my existing account on line. They have provided an email with an update of use and payments but I am still unable to log in to my current address account and explore the whole thing. Any help please?

Hi @bartl ,

Are you sure both addresses have been setup with the same email address/password? If so, I would imagine (I haven’t tried this myself), there to be a drop drown menu of some sort by the property postal address for you to select the correct address . If it might be a different email address (or just a different password), try logging out and doing a password reset for the likely email address(es).

Failing that, it’ll be best to email or call Bulb directly (see ) and it’s outside of what we community members can help with and forum threads may get missed when their staff have a quick look over.

Hi, @Bartl I have changed some things around and you will now be able to access the account! =)