Access to account

How do I get into my Bulb account? I have been asked to submit my first meter reading but every time I log in I am taken to this community forum.

If you go to (or click ‘Sign in’ in the top right hand of ), it should take you straight to the account page.

As I’ve seen a few reports of problems like this, could you let us know if you are trying to provide the readings on a desktop/laptop (Windows/Mac) or a mobile phone (Android/Apple), a tablet (Kindle/iPad) and where/how you are trying to login. This will help us fellow customers know where people may be going wrong or let Bulb staff know about a potential problem on their site under certain circumstances (for example, it might be the fact that on an Apple iPhone 6 in landscape mode, the homepage link comes straight to this community - but on all other systems/setups it works correctly going to the account page).