Access to usage data with no IHD

I’m trying to get access to near real time energy usage data. I understand that this is done via the Samsung SmartThings platform. Unfortunately, adding Bulb to my SmartThings app requires it to connect to the IHD. My IHD is a Chameleon SEDv3 provided by Eon, which is not wifi enabled.

Does anyone know how I get a new IHD. Can I just buy one? Who from? Also how do I get it paired to my GAS/Electricity meters?


Hi @saulcozens :wave:

We still do not have IHD’s that work for your type of meter yet, when we have produced these we will let you know and send it to you. If you want to keep an eye on your usage the best way is to look at your bills every month or viewing the energy usage graph in your Bulb Account :bulb:


Jenny :star:

If your meters send useage automatically to Bulb it means you are connected successfully to the DCC network, you dont need a working IHD to connect with Smartthings, instead of selecting the BULB option in Smartthings, select Chameleon and follow the on screen prompts, there are a couple of hoops to jump through but as long as you are sending readings to Bulb automatically from a meter generally, it should work.
Any issues just join the Smartthings community forum and someone will be able to help