Accessing the data from a smart meter

If I get a smart meter is there any way for me to access the data myself?

Specifically, I want to capture and store the data for my own analysis, e.g. a very rudimentary mechanism might be downloading a file with the data in, though I’d prefer something more sophisticated. I’m quite happy to e.g. hook up a raspberry pi to some sort of physical device if that’s the way to go.

Are any of the following available?

  1. An authenticated service / REST endpoint offered by bulb, so I can simply parse the data
  2. A web portal which I can download my data from on a regular (every 10-30 minutes) basis
  3. Some form of Consumer Access Device (CAD) which will expose the data on my private wifi network.
  4. Some other route I’m unaware of that will let me get what I want.


Update: classically enough, after posting this I happened across several products which potentially do what I want - but they all require that I can connect them to the smart meter. Is this something bulb supports?

If not, does bulb provide a way for me to get my own data?

I have a few ideas, but you will need a smart meter for all of these ideas if that isn’t obvious.

The first thing to try is Samsung smart things. Bulb has an article of how to set this up on this help page. This connects to your IHD and gets instant usage data plotted on a graph for you in an app. I’d set this up and see how you like it, and if it fulfils your needs.

Another option is an API. This will allow you to download 30-minute data from your smart meter, but it requires a bit of technical know-how to set up. Bulb says they will have this by autumn In this post
I don’t know if he is still around, but I think @Hooloovoo has some experience with :octopus:'s API, so he might have some more information on how these API’s work.

Hope this helps.

I have a smart meter that went dumb after I switched and I have being taking readings for years by looking at the meter once a week, not the IHD, and inputting them into a page. I use the writer of my office software, as my original smart meter was put in by BG for their free electric tariff I hadtwo readings one for the week and one for the 8 hours it was free, it has stopped reading duel readings in September 2019 so I now have just one reading.
If you want daily readings just check the meter last thing before bed or at a set time every day.

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Hi @argibbs

Welcome to the Bulb Community, delighted to have you onboard :ship:

This is something we’ve been looking into and testing lately, and you can find more info about that here: Product Update: Smart Energy Usage Graphs

There are some really neat ideas in this thread from @izzyhunt and @Terminator too, which I couldn’t have put better myself. They’re also worth looking into if you’re interested.