Account balance and high energy usage

Over the past year I have noticed that the app hasn’t been showing my energy usage all year and ive also been having to submit pictures of my meter readings, and when checking the readings ive sent all my gas ones aren’t there despite sending them a picture of it every month my account balance is massive and I don’t believe used anywhere near whats in my account but they are claiming ive used nearly £1600 worth of energy and last year was only £1100 will have to ring them in the new year as they never get back to any of the emails I send them. just wandering if anyone else as encountered something similar ?

worth noting my tariff estimate is 950 for the year too.

I’m not sure what your query is. It isn’t that clear. Are you saying you haven’t received statements, your statements are based on estimates or your total annual usage figure is off?

You should be able to work out your consumption from the meter readings.