Account Balance

My accounts in credit but the bills are confusing! Youve incorrectly not put credit on my statement 1 month so reajusted it to correct then each month my statements incorrect and needs re adjusting so I never know what ive got its confusing me! can you please correct this from happening and give me a proper credit balance on my Account?

Hi @Clairekay21,

As this is a community forum intended for customers to help each other, there’s not much we can really assist on on account specific enquiries such as this.

You’ll be better off dropping Bulb an email at (other contact methods are available - see ) and they’ll be able to help. Bulb do ask for a monthly payment ‘up front/in advance’ which might be throwing you out.

@clairekay21 Can you describe what you mean by “not put credit on my statement” so I can try and sort the issue for you?