Account being closed for no reason

I am with bulb energy and suddenly I have received a ‘final’ statement saying my account is in credit and will be closed.

I have been with them since maybe March and have not provided them with an updated reading.

Could this be a reason. There has been no prior notification of this.

They are not open till Monday and I am overseas.

I doubt if it is because of no readings as they would use estimates. Best contact them direct.
You could email or live chat with them.

Thanks. It’s really annoying that they don’t have anyone to chat to at the weekends.

Hi @Jezzy ,

Looks like you managed to get in touch with your issue in the end and it’s since been resolved.

We are making changed to the way we work to accommodate holidays and out of work hours. If you do ever need to get in touch and can’t call or chat in the by all means send an email over and we’ll get back in your own time.