Account Closing whilst owing Bulb Money

I am in a repayment plan with bulb and make regular payments at the end of each month.

I have tried to make a payment today and discovered that the option to make a payment has disappeared and it say my account is closing.

Does anyone know what this means? is my account being written off?

I’d give them a call on 0300 303 0635. R-

Yes, Bulb know what it means. You’ll need to ask them rather than other Bulb customers.

More chance of an answer on here than from bulb

Maybe so, but only bulb and NOT the forum have access to the account so he/she will have to contact them.
Although I accept the fact you are probably being a wee bit facetious, if not downright s********

Just experience of bulb customer service

Look on the bright side the more people that leave the more C/S will improve as there will be less demand on their time
Personally I’ve never had any insurmountable problems with them since joining, had a problem getting my account up and running, but that was largely outwith the control of bulb

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