Account Closure - Only Electrical Readings shown.

I’m waiting for this account to be closed. I’ve noticed you have only displayed my final meter reading for the Electricity on the 20th November 18. Please confirm why the final meter reading for the GAS has not been displayed. Both the Gas and Electrical readings were submitted by the new supplier to close the account.
Please provide an update.

The two energy sources go via different regulators. It’s common for electric and gas to progress at different rates.

I’ve just received my final account for the Gas & Electricity services and the final value GAS meter reading is incorrect.
Your final statement (9th December 18) indicates the GAS as 2179 Closing Estimate… The ACTUAL Meter reading provided at the point of losing the account was 2012.
There is a difference of -167 which is unaccounted for.
Please re-adjust the final bill to show the CORRECT final meter reading as 2012 and NOT a Closing Estimate.
The Electrical account is correct with the meter readings provided and the final account noted.

Please contact me as this account is not correct.

@GDURY You’re posting on a public forum for Bulb customers. No other customer can help you with this problem.

While some Bulb staff do post on here, you’ll get a better response if you contact Bulb direct using the contact details on the Help page linked at the top of every page.