Account closure

It is now 8 days since I switched from you. Your site says you are still closing my account and preparing my bill. A computerized system is taking a little long don’t you think, or is it that you owe me money. Call me sceptical but, I guess it would have been quicker if I had owed money. LOL

Hi @ColinB,

It takes a while for the meter readings to reach your old supplier (Bulb) from your new supplier by way of the ‘independent third party’ which “verifies” meter readings and co-ordinates switches: this can take up to 6 weeks in some circumstances. Once Bulb has received the figures and raised the bill, it can then take 3-10 days for the money to work it’s way through the banking system due to BACs timings.

These circumstances are the same as switching from any other supplier to Bulb. (see and )

Mmm. So someone has 2 months interest free money for free. It stinks.

Every supplier I have been with has taken a few weeks to get the final bill sorted, as RichyB has stated it is the 3rd party verification that is the culprit.