Account credit

I have £150 of refer a friend credit on my account, yet you have taken money from my bank account 2 months in a row rather than out of the credit.


Hi @ross8192 - we don’t automatically change your monthly payments. That’s because a lot of our members would rather know exactly how much is coming out of their account each month, and we don’t want to start fiddling with it automatically.

Having said that, we should definitely either refund you that credit, or lower your next few payments so you can work it off. What would you rather? Just let us know.

Ok, so can I just leave the credit there to use when I see fit? I just assumed that it automatically came off.

If so, how do I go about using the credit?

Hi @ross8192, no, as @ellie_r explained, we do not automatically change the payments.

I’ve processed a transfer of the outstanding credit to the bank account you use. I’ll send an email confirmation.