Account credit


In my statement and payments section there is the amount of £50 in the form of account credit. Could anyone explain what this amount represents?


Did you sign up via a referral link? if so you get £50 credit as a result. This can either usually be withdrawn to your bank, used to cover any shortfalls, or to lower a monthly bill

@GeorgeScr This is a referral credit! @tom6685 is correct, just let us know if you want us to refund this or use this to cover some portion of a bill :slight_smile:

Hello guys thanks for the replies. If that’s the case then, could I use the amount to pay a portion of my next bill? That’d be useful. Cheers!

@GeorgeScr Any credit on your account will go towards future bills. We can also refund it back to your bank.

Hi so for my next bill on the 6th do I just need to pay £25? Considering my monthly bill is £75. Thanks