Account credit

Hi my account has been in credit for the last three months and it keeps increasing. I’ve updated my meter readings today aswell to be sure. Is it possible to refund me for the credit amount? Thanks.

@Liza_2802 Hi Liza, of course, we can get some of that credit back to you! Our general rule going into the winter period is to leave 6 weeks worth of payment in there to help pay for the increased winter energy usage. I’ll email you privately with specifics about how much we can get refunded back to you today. Oliver

Hi, if I have £50 credit on my account, will this be used as part payment for my next bill? thanks

@LaurenD Even if you accounts in enough credit to cover your next payment the payment won’t automatically be stopped. This is because your payments are set to cover your annual cost of energy, and so over the course of a year your account will move between credit and debit as your month to month usage varies.

As long as we have up to date meter readings we can either refund you the excess credit on your account (as we take payments in advance we require one months payment as credit at all times) or we can pause your payments.

Ok, thank you.