Account Credit

Hi, new to bulb, quick question regarding the credit information. I got my £50 credit shown in my account and my first payment went out yesterday as well from my bank which isn’t shown on my account, only the £50. Is there a reason why it isn’t shown on their yet?
Also can I be put forward for a smart meter as well.


Hi there @VJ9

If your payment went out by direct debit yesterday, it probably hasn’t been processed by our system yet and should show up in the next day or two. Usually a payment is registered by your bank the day before it clears with our bank. If it hasn’t shown up on your account by tomorrow, say, please get back in touch and we’ll sort it out!

Once we start rolling out smart meters, probably in the middle of this year, we’ll be offering them to all of our members automatically-no need to sign up to a waiting list or anything! We don’t have a date yet, but watch this space.

All the best,