Account credit

Just wondering if someone can explain how the account credit works please. I got £50 credit for joining through a friends referral link, my first monthly direct debit payment went out before the £50 credit was added which was fine. I was expecting my second monthly bill to be normal payment minus the £50 credit but the full monthly payment still went out, despite my monthly statement in my Bulb account showing as monthly direct debit minus £50 credit. What’s going on?

Hi @freakanonymous our payment requests are simple instructions to your bank for a set amount each month. We don’t automatically take payments out of your credit as we expect you to build credit in the summer months and everyone likes to manage their account a little differently.

With your credit, we can refund it straight to you, use it instead of taking a payment or lower your payments to use it up more slowly.

Thanks for that. When I joined Bulb I submitted my exact usage for the previous year so I had assumed that my monthly payment already takes into account using more energy in the winter and less in the summer though.

Hi @freakanonymous we find that it’s simpler all round if we just leave the monthly payments the same throughout the year and let people build up some credit in the summer and debit in the winter, that way people always know how much is going to come out of their accounts.