Account Credit

I just called up to speak to an advisor, because I had my exit fees from my previous company in my account credit (£60.00) and I got an email to say that my bill had been deducted from that amount and that I was still in credit of approximately £30. I was excited at first, as this was lower than my usual bill, and also I thought this meant I wouldn’t be making a payment this month as the bill was covered by the credit in my account. However, I then realised that my bill had also been deducted from my bank account. I called up as I thought this was a mistake, and was told that Bulb’s policy was that every customer must always be in credit the amount of their monthly payment? This is never something that has been communicated to me, and I have been with the company for over 3 months. Has anyone else experienced this? I really think it’s bad that something regarding money you insist on having from me isn’t communicated to me prior to/during the set up of the account - is this a new policy? I don’t mind the actual concept of paying a month ahead of my bills so that I’m always in credit, I just feel this is something that should have been explained to me rather than just actioning it and hoping I’m fine with it… Very disappointed with the customer service on this.

Hi @GemmaBaldwin we do try to make it as clear as possible that we need a month’s credit in the account, e.g. we take payment for energy in advance. It has always been our policy and we have it on the sign-up page and it’s always been in Bulb’s terms.

We’re definitely keen to improve our communications though, and if you feel that this could have been communicated better we’d love to hear it.


As a new customer it was FULLY explained to me by Bulb that payments for energy are taken in advance,

For example I joined Bulb on 11 April, received an email on the same day which had an attached Welcome Pack, and which in para. 3.16 said “You must keep your account in credit by paying for the supply in advance by automatic payment, or owe us less than half of what we’ve calculated as being your expected annual bill”

received email on 21 April to advise my first monthly payment will be taken on 2 May.

received email on 30 April to advise my supply will be switch on 2 May and also included “We take upfront payments so we can buy your energy for lower prices. Here’s an article with some more info.” The article advise why Bulb take upfront payment.

Also in your account dashboard, click the Help button, you will then see five squares under “Most popular articles” , one of the squares is “We take payments in advance”

As a customer did you not receive any of the emails which Bulb sent to me during the joining phase?