Account credit

Yes, I’m aware of previous threads …

My account is almost £300 in credit, which is three months combined gas/elec use worst case scenario (yes I’m aware we’re coming up to winter), AND you’ve just increased my automatic payments by almost 25% … what is going on?

What is the bare minimum that needs to be kept in the account to keep it running, say one months payment plus maybe 30%, and can someone email me (no I won’t call the 0300 number) and organise a substantial refund please …?

Obviously a Cynic


Excellent news, you are the first fellow customer I can recollect having said they are aware of previous threads.

As I keep advising on lots of similar threads if you have more than enough credit to pay one month in advance for your energy then there is NO need to increase your DD.

If you should miscalculate the amount of credit to meet this one month in advance requirement you can always do a once off top up to your account.

As to the last part of your query, the process for requesting a refund is on this page: