Account - Feed In Tariff Payments Only

I have left bulb for my electricity supply only, the switch has now taken place. But I have retained my Government Feed In Tariff payments with bulb for my Solar Panels. I can no longer access the app to submit FIT readings, I can still do so on the web page, but there is a message saying my account is being closed.

Hi @DaveDB

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble submitting your FIT reads on the app now that you’ve switched electricity supplier.

We can still accept the reads, if you email someone in the team can lend a hand with that. If you’d find to easier to have it all in one place you can also request to switch your FIT payments to your new supplier :sunny:


I’ve already submitted my last readings. I want to be able to submit them online in the future. Will that be possible or will you shut down my account completely?

Hi @DaveDB

We wouldn’t shut the account down completely, the section regarding your FIT payments and readings should stay open.

As you did this time if you login from a desktop those options will remain available :ok_hand:

So long as I can do it by desktop that will be fine.

I am awaiting my final FIT payment with BULB, as I am transferring my FIT payments through to Green Energy. I have usually received it by now, (after putting my meter reading in last month). Could I have an update please?

David Bell

Hi @DaveDB :wave:

I’ve just had a chat with our Solar team.

They have actually been processing FIT payments for this quarter this week, so the payment should be with you next week.

Did you have any more questions about the payments ?

Ele :bulb:

The email address does not exist!!!

15 days and counting, this is the longest Bulb has ever taken to pay my quarterly feed-in tariff. Should I be worried? Does Bulb have cash flow problems?

Hi @Pottager

Welcome to community :wave:

I’ve been in touch with our Solar team today who confirmed they are processing FIT payments this week, meaning the payment should be with you early next week.

Did you have any more questions on this?

Ele :sunny:

That’s later than I would have hoped, had to raid savings to cover a payment but never mind. Thanks for your help.

It’s better than Good Energy, who will be paying the Jul-Sep quarter’s FiT payment in December.

Yes, I believe they’re allowed to take 90 days but I am accustomed to it being two weeks at most

Hi @Pottager :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the time scale for the payments.

Let us know if we can help with anything else

Ele :bulb:

Well I’m still waiting. When does “early next week” end?

Well it’s mid week now and I still haven’t got my FIT payment. To be honest your response to my original enquiry is nonsensical, that’s what that section do all time. I noticed another respondee on here asked if BULB had cashflow problems, I used your chat facility Monday and when I asked the same question, the response was, “that’s just rumours”. Well not according to the Financial Times. Please do not delay my FIT payment to address your cash flow problems. I am in the process of moving my FIT payments to GOOD ENERGY. During the chat conversation I was promised an email stating what the current position was with my outstanding payment. I want an intelligent response please. Any further delays and I will be raising a dispute with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Hi @DaveDB and @Pottager :wave:

We’ve had an update from our solar team. Unfortunately, there has been a technical issue with one of our partners and so the payment has been delayed. I am sorry you have not received your FIT payment yet, however, don’t worry as it should come through within the next 7 days.

Please let me know if you have any further issues with this,

–KT :bulb:

@DaveDB Somebody earlier in the thread said that Good Energy take three months to make FiT payments. I’m considering moving mine to Shell Energy, my current supplier.

I don’t mind waiting if that’s what Good Energy’s protocol is and I know what to expect. I know any FIT licencee has up to 90 days to pay. The issue I have with Bulb is their customer service. Just keep people “in the picture” BULB. Unfortunately my BULB experience has not been good i.e. 8 months to determine that a Smart meter was faulty, and that was with the intervention of the Ombudsman, which was something that could have been sorted within a week. So you can understand why I am concerned about this development.

bulb seem to have stoped paying the feed in tariff sent reading 17 sept now 18 oct nothing dont replay to emails so phoned person on other end didnt have a clue what i was talking about came back and said they would email me i wait with baited breath