Account - Feed In Tariff Payments Only

I have left bulb for my electricity supply only, the switch has now taken place. But I have retained my Government Feed In Tariff payments with bulb for my Solar Panels. I can no longer access the app to submit FIT readings, I can still do so on the web page, but there is a message saying my account is being closed.

Hi @DaveDB

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble submitting your FIT reads on the app now that you’ve switched electricity supplier.

We can still accept the reads, if you email someone in the team can lend a hand with that. If you’d find to easier to have it all in one place you can also request to switch your FIT payments to your new supplier :sunny:


I’ve already submitted my last readings. I want to be able to submit them online in the future. Will that be possible or will you shut down my account completely?

Hi @DaveDB

We wouldn’t shut the account down completely, the section regarding your FIT payments and readings should stay open.

As you did this time if you login from a desktop those options will remain available :ok_hand:

So long as I can do it by desktop that will be fine.