Account help please

I recently closed down my old account as I moved address and took bulb to my current address, however this experience hasn’t been the smoothest and is extremely frustrating to get through to anyone on live chat as I don’t use a home phone only Internet have emailed once regarding a payment no response, tried again about my account still showing old address and no way to change it over to show my new address to be able to re apply for whd as Im unfit to work due to ill health, its been extremely stressful trying to sort this out
Please help

Hi @harrisonrj21,

Welcome to our Community page! :wave:

I have taken a look into your account now for you and created a Bulb account for your new address. You should receive an email for this shortly. From here, you will be able to log into your Bulb account and sign up for the Warm Home Discount. You can also do so by following this link: /

Please do let us know if there are any further questions at all, we’ll be more than happy to help!


Hi Diana

Thank you very much for dealing with my concern really appreciate it it’s all sorted
Stay safe all the best :blush: