Account in credit but monthly payments have increased


My account is £135 in credit but Bulb have increased my monthly payments yet again.

How can I freeze my monthly payments?


Hi @annabella :wave:

In winter your account should have enough credit to see you through the colder months, as well as enough credit to cover next month’s payment because we take payment in advance. At the moment you’re in credit by £134.77, and your last statement was for £225.37. This is why we’re increasing your payments between £173.49 - £192.77.

I hope that clears things up but please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with,
– Meg :bulb:

I have the same issue but my concern is come April when we are all paying more just now and then have to pay more again because of the shift in the price cap will Bulb even still be trading?!?

Personally Id prefer to pay my bills off monthly as they arrive (topping up) as I have always done especially given Bulb cannot advise what our likely future payments will be post April and Whilst I’m sure we will at some point get any credit back we’ve built up over the winter I personally dont want to be waiting months for any adminstrator to refund me when I’ll have enough trying to work out which supplier I;m being moved to…

Hi @adrian3 :wave:

If you want to pay on receipt of your bill, then we can set that up. We advise leaving your direct debit active and then we’ll take the exact amount of your statement each month within 2 weeks of you receiving the statement.

Please let me know how you’d like to move forwards,
– Meg :bulb:

Hello @megan_at_bulb,

Why can Bulb not just take the payment on the day the bill is received. I would rather the payment be taken on the 31st of the month, not two weeks later.

Hi @annabella :wave:

So it takes a while after the statement has been sent through for our system to take the payment through. This is to leave time for any amendments for the bill to be made if necessary and also for the payment request to be made at the bank.

We can set the payment to come through on the same day as the statement, but it would need to be a set DD amount, rather than the exact amount on the bill.

-Luke :bulb: