Account in credit

If my account is in credit by way of ‘refer a friend’ will a direct debit payment still be taken from my bank account

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Hi @mandylwright ,

If your account is in credit, your direct debit will be taken as normal until either:

or, the easiest ‘do it yourself’ option which is what I’ve done with my credit:

  • Just login to (or use the ‘Sign in’ button top right corner), go to ‘Payments and Statements’ and reduce your monthly payment down so you start ‘nibbling’ at the credit over time. Even though we use around £60-£90 of energy per month, we’ve currently got our direct debit set to £20 (I believe you can go as low as £5 a month) to slowly eat through the credit but so we’ve got our bills still coming out on our bank statements (if we want to remortgage in the next 3 months etc).