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I have been with Bulb a year and yet they still can’t tell me whether my account is in credit or debit. Apparently Bulb are waiting on readings being confirmed from my previous supplier. Really a year down the line??

Why do you say apparently Bulb are waiting for readings being confirmed? They are either waiting or not waiting for the final readings to be confirmed.

During the last 12 months have you been pressurising Bulb to get it sorted out

I shouldn’t need to pressurise anyone into doing their job. To keep customers they should be on top of things.
I say apparently because I find it difficult to believe they haven’t sorted this after a year.
They have one month or am moving on


I hear what you say, but there is no way Bulb can be waiting 12 months for meter readings to be confirmed by your previous supplier.

What contact have you had with Bulb to sort this out and do you have anything in writing to confirm they are waiting for your previous supplier.

This should be a simple process as discussed in this Bulb article: This article is talking about a few weeks to agree meter readings not 12 months.