Account is in credit.

Hi bulb,
Can you help me understand what happens when the account is in credit? Will you refund that money or will you take less money when next payment is due?

Hi @CharlesBlud ,

This was actually answered a couple of days ago in the thread (admittedly, your thread title is a lot more guiding what your question is about than just ‘billing’). Basically:

  • The Direct Debit will still be taken out at the same date and amount set
  • The credit will go towards future bills (for example, when you use more energy during the winter for heating) so save you having ‘bill shock’ from higher winter bills.
  • Bulb asks for a ‘month in advance’ payment anyway so all accounts will be in credit ordinarily to pay for the power you are about to use ( see ).

If you think you’ve got too much credit in your account (say your typical usage is around £60 and you now have over £200 in credit: so more than a couple of months worth), then you can just contact Bulb asking for a refund (see for the steps/what’s needed)