Account is in the green!

Hey! I have had two referral £50s put into my account recently. Just wondered, if my account is in the green, will bulb keep taking money from my bank account or take next month’s bill from my bulb account which already has money in!? Thanks

Both of those things will happen. Look here for more information:

Your energy bill is always taken from your Bulb account, which holds your monthly payments and any other account credits such as referrals. Your monthly payments will continue to be taken, topping up your Bulb account.

If your credit gets high, by which I mean several multiples of your monthly payment, you can ask Bulb to refund some of your credit.

Or you can go into your account and temporarily reduce your direct debit level to something lower, until your account balance has decreased a little, and then put it back up to an amount suitable to match 1/12th of your expected annual usage. Similarly Bulb can just pause payment for one month if you ask.

You’ll see the help section, accessed from the big “Help” button at the top of every page, contains a wealth of information. You’ll get a better, faster, response if you check this yourself before only subsequently posting a question if you can’t find an answer. It will save you having to wait for another customer to take time out of their day and help point you in the right direction.