Account locked - Cannot enter meter readings

Hi all - I was a Bulb customer until December last year when I got seduced by cheaper prices elsewhere. However, the account management/customer service in the new place was dire so I reapplied to Bulb. I have had the “You are now a Bulberino” message - and have access to my old account, but it is locked presumbaly following my departure last year.

This means I cannot enter my meter readings and I am not sure now what will happen.

I have e-mailed Bulb about this - 5 days ago [over a weekend] but have not had a reply yet.

Should I be concerned? Should I be doing anything else?


If this doesn’t work you will need to phone or chat bulb direct to manually reset your account
Do NOT email as this will take forever and a day

Thanks, @skippy64 = appreciate the swift response. I tried the URL you suggested just before posting here.

I will try a chat - when the street are aired and will post outcome.

Thanks again. R-

I would keep taking meter readings and /or dated images until it is resolved just in case you need proof at a later date.
I am in the middle of a switch away from Bulb and I am taking daily readings until everything is settled.


Thanks, good idea. R-

I phoned them in the end as the CHAT just did not seem to want to work for me. It took 2 calls. I now have two accounts - one closed - on my sign-in credentials and the open one now reflects my TODAY readings. Alarmingly the last reading was for a company I left about a year ago. I am assured that all will be well. R-