Account not charged/debited since March

Hi all, first post as can’t find the answer on Bulbs site. I had a smart meter installed back in Feb/March this year, I’ve checked my account and the readings are on my account each month so appears to be working. My issue is the topic headline now, bulb have not charged or debited my account since then. Tried the chat and can’t get an advisor, anyone else has same issue?

Do I understand you have waited until now to try and sort out that your account hasn’t been debited or credited since March? Have you tried telephoning Bulb?

Tbh I never check my account and have only just seen this now. I generally only look at my account when I get a notification to increase/decrease my regular payment and Ive not had that because it this issue probably.

Suggest you contat blub ASAP and ask for a password/account reset, should resolve the problem

Hi @GMad, welcome to Bulb community :raised_hands:

I’ve fixed the issue with your billing and you should receive this consolidated statement shortly :+1: