Account Number

what is my account number electricity and gas

what is my account number electricity and gas

Hi @RobbiE2018 ,

Bulb tend to use your email address as an ‘account identifier’ and so account numbers aren’t really a thing. However, if you login to your account at then to the left of your address you’ll see an address reference number such as ‘N00123456’ which might be what you are after.

However, if you are actually after your meter supply numbers (“Meter Point Administration Number”/MPAN/Supply Number/S-Number for electricity and ‘Meter Point Reference Number’/MPRN/M-number for gas), then these can be found on your bills. Again, just log into your account at , select Payments and statements and select ‘Download statement’ against a bill. For me, my Electricity details (including my MPAN, Meter number and the ‘S-number block’) appear on page 3 and my gas meter point reference and meter number appear on page 4.

Hi @RobbiE2018 - I’ve sent you an email that gives you your account number - Richyb’s quite right though, we can find you based off your email address if you ever need to get in touch.