Account only shows my old address and wont let me submit a meter reading

Hi all,

I am switching back to bulb after being away from them for around 1 and a half years.

I have recieved the email notification to submit my meter readings, but upon opening the link it will just show my old account, old address and tells me: "Thanks for being with Bulb. Your account is now closed, but you can still sign in and see your statements and usage."

I have tried contacting the live chat, although it is unavailable. I have tried emailing but i havent recieved a reply. I want to sort this quickly as I am currently paying through the roof with British Gas.

It also says that i should not call the helpline unless its an emergency. Surely it should be easier to speak to someone than this!

All help appreciated. It sounds like i might need an account reset based on other peoples experience.


Hi @drock

I have now sent you an email and with this you will be able to log into the new account.

Let me know if there are any issues.

Mel :wave:

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Thank you! All logged on with out an issue.

I take it that my referral credit will be added in the coming days/weeks?

Many thanks :smiley:

Hi @drock

I can see this has been added now :smiley: