Account query can anyone explain

Assuming the monthly usage is correct over the year, your monthly payments are in line to increase the balance as you are slightly behind by £42.90. Over summer you should be gaining more so you don’t fall behind over winter (should be one month ahead).

As per the supplied tip - your account is in good shape assuming your usage and costs remain similar to the past year and you retain the current monthly payment.

Are you supplying monthly reads as the statement looks high to me - I would have thought it would be closer to your payment amount as it shrinks heading into summer.

It that based on actual readings? That’s a shocking bill. Do you live in a old mansion?

It that based on actual readings? That's a shocking bill. Do you live in a old mansion?
I live in a mid terrace 4 bedroom house and being very stingy with heating my monthly payment is around £85 in the winter. I could easily see a group of people (there's only 2 people in my house right now) sharing an end terrace with the heating at a more normal level having a bill well over £100.

There are a lot of old draughty houses in this country!

Hi Mowcius. Yes I guess with an old house and being there all the time, it could add up.
With two of us working and me being obsessive with the insulation standard (Old house renovated), bill comes to £600 a year.
Doing my bit for Climate change!

@PaulMC12345, that’s also what I’m working on (100mm of internal insulation on every external wall, and a lot more in the roof), but it’s expensive to do and not everyone can put up that kind of money, or indeed be in a position of home ownership where it’s possible.

Yes, good point Mowcious. The standard of old housing is shockingly bad.