Account Refund

Hi there,

I recently closed my account and am now waiting on the credit in my account to be refunded. Was just wondering how long this normally takes?


Edit: Just checked my bank statement and my refund has been paid. Thanks for the quick service.

NB. Might be worth looking into putting a more logical payment reference and paying it in one rather than 4 separate payments.

Hi please can I request a withdrawal of £50 please. Also, when (as you suggested there would be) will there be a facility to do this without messaging, or is it possible to have the amount actually used taken each month, rather than a random amount which is always recommended at a much higher amount than is needed?

Go to help and type in withdraw credit for info.
The monthly dd is based on your yearly usage divided by 12 so not really random, it avoids topping up during the higher usage months.
You can adjust your dd amount from your account but must remain a months advance credit use the help button for more info on this.

Thank you,
Will there be an option at any point to have the amount used taken instead of the estimate? I have found the estimate over by a large amount, even in winter months.

If you are relatively new to Bulb as you submit actual readings it becomes more accurate over time.
Bulb use the yearly average to work out the payments rather than a monthly actual usage. A case of suits some but not others no matter which way they do it. I am ok with the current system.