Account stick stuck with wrong meter reading: Terrible service.

Since May 7th, my Electric meter has been stuck at the pre SMET2 meter reading. It should have been set to 0 like my Gas meter.
This is preventing me from entering any manual meter readings (as surprise surprise, my SMET2 install was bodged like thousands of other Bulb installs).
Still waiting for the Automatic readings to be fixed, for my gas meter to respond to my IHD.
Have called customer services multiple times, submitted photos of meter, and repeatedly posted in here.
Last time was last week - I was told technical support would fix my Electric meter reading, but they still haven’t.

I have no choice but to leave Bulb now - the totally ineffectual support, the non functioning SMET2 install, and the inaccurate account billing has convinced me you are a bunch of clowns who don’t deserve my business.

However, I am stuck with a nonsense meter reading - so I am unable to move until I can submit an accurate final reading!

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW! I will have no choice but to complain to the Energy Ombudsman!