Why can you not delete my Bulb account from my previous house that I left 5 months ago.
It’s really frustrating when I use the app to access my account to provide a meter reading I have to remember to select my new address, otherwise it keeps choosing my old account, which is closed.
I don’t need or want to see my previous account, it’s so frustrating

Hi @Lucky_Steve1

I believe Bulb keep these available as you may, for some reason, want to access statements from your previous house (say, for proof of identity or just as financial record keeping) - however, I do agree it would be hugely useful if the drop down selector just showed ‘Active’ accounts (with a link to ‘Previous accounts’) - I can’t see them removing it entirely as people do have multiple houses.

I’m sure if you drop Bulb an email (see ), they’ll be able to work their magic and either change the ordering of the properties or ‘disassociate’ the old address from your login if you want .