Activation of warm home voucher

I received a warm home discount voucher today. I went to the post office to activate it (as instructed in the email) to be loaded on to my fuel card and the post office systems are refusing. The worker contacted post office help desk and there systems are refusing bulb due to the adminstration. I did contact bulb who cancelled my voucher to manually upload it on to my account which takes aprox 24 to 48hrs. This is because once activated on the post office systems they then swipe your card to load the cost of the voucher. Their systems acknowledge the voucher but wont transfer it to fuel cards and once activated is extremely difficult to cancel. I was there an hour and thankfully had my phone to web chat bulb whilst waiting.

We had same problem today. Lady at post office phoned someone for help. Then paid us £140 in cash telling us to go to local Co-op and top up. Don’t think it was correct

Hi both,

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I am sorry you are both having issues with your WHD post office payments. We will feed this back to the team to try and make it as easy for others as possible.

Have you managed to get it sorted @motherjulian? Or would you like me to chase this up for you!

Please could you confirm the post office’s reasoning for not being able to this? Bulb are in special administration which means we are still functioning and this should not make a different to them being able to activate your credit.

Are you able to confirm the co-op store you attended @KarenHatcher ? It would be good to look into this further.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy unfortunately no this matter is unresolved I contacted bulb yesterday Tuesday and I was told they would cancel the voucher and manually upload the 140 today and it hasn’t happened. To make it worse I didn’t exercise my emergency credit in time for friendly credit ending so was disconnected over owing 6p. I had to put 5 pounds on it failed to upload on to my account I had to put a code in then wait for reconnecting and then reset the boiler to allow heating. Its sorted now but I let it to run into friendly credit because I was told the 140 would go on but nothing. I now have a voucher I can’t use and I’m paying to add onto my account it makes no sense.

Hi Daisy we did not top up at the Co-op as had PIP go in bank next day so used online top up now have 172 days of Gas on IHD. Lady in post office said it was due to top up card not having a chip or magnetic strip to swipe. hope that makes sense

I had the same problem today, a wasted journey to my post office, apparently if you have a smart meter bulb should have put it onto my account, which they did last year,I too will have to wait because the staff at the post office activated the bar code which bulb sent through email. I’m assuming it is for security reasons.

Jackie you’ll need to contact bulb to get them to cancel the voucher and apply it manually as once activated at the post office it looks like you’ve claimed it. That was my issue I had to contact bulb who promised it would take 24hrs but nothing’s happened. I’m now paying to top when I have a voucher I wouldn’t mind but my son has disabilities I’m his carer and you can’t reach people at bulb so I’m stuck. The post office support team are refusing all bulb customers because there in adminstration.

HI motherjulian.

You are in a worse situation than me! I rang them and yes it is a security reason and they have cancelled the voucher. They should never have sent it me in the first place. They told me a couple of days! I hope you get yours soon and have a Merry warm Christmas.

Have phoned bulb and are sorting it out. Had £140 credit put on Elec meter today. So have been paid it twice.

Hi @KarenHatcher,

Thanks for your post! I can see the duplicate payment has been sorted by our team now and removed from the system - please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Please could you drop us an email with your voucher details @jackieh to and I’ll be able to follow this up for you!

– Daisy :bulb:

I have also had an email with a pdf barcode, went to the post office and they said I’d need a printed letter and code to confirm my ID. Made me feel like I was trying to scam them which was awkward! Can I get a printed letter or can the credit be sent directly to my electric meter?

Hello Daisy
I have sent my voucher details to you


Hi Rainbows99

The post office said exactly the same to me! The email bulb has sent to us is an error, if you top up online, bulb should have put it on to your account. There was no need to go to the post office, I think its for people who top up in there local paypoint/ payzone shops. Just email bulb your pdf code and they should put it on to your account.
Merry Christmas.

Hi and happy happy Christmas to you too :heart: I do top up my meter still (it’s not a smart meter) so unfortunately I still need to physically add the credit onto the key. Just proving impossible at the moment!

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Please could you send us an email to We will be able to discuss how to convert your initial post office voucher into an alternative method of payment.

I can see that your voucher has now been added onto your smart PAYG meter @jackieh - let me know if you need anything else!

– Daisy :bulb: