Actual price per unit

Can anybody tell me how much a unit of bulb gas actually costs, so when I look at the meter I know what it’s cost me? I know there is a complicated formula but new to bulb and don’t have a bill yet. Any budding mathematicians around?

If you log in to your account and click on tariff you will see your rate per kWh.

I’m not after that, it’s meaningless really. What I am after is the actual meter price. So one meter unit is worth 80p for example.

To find out how much gas l use go to.>gas
Enter gas units, there is one for metric and another for imperial, then put in the unit price then press calculate, that will give you the price of how much gas you have used excluding your daily rate. Hope this helps.

It will vary from region to region, although this is how they work it out:

*Explaining your gas usage
Not all gas is created equal. We convert gas units
from your meter into kWh to make sure the
energy output of your gas is priced consistently.
We do this using the following formula:
Meter units used 48
Volume conversion factor x 1.00
Metric units = 48
Volume correction x 1.02264
Calorific value x 39.5
Convert to kWh ÷ 3.6
Energy used 539 kWh

For the above my gas was £21.57 which is approx 45p per unit. Including vat and daily charge.
It will vary depending on usage as my £70 bill averaged 30p per unit.
This will be influenced with lower usage having a higher % of daily charges v kWh when compared to the total bill.

I'm not after that, it's meaningless really. What I am after is the actual meter price. So one meter unit is worth 80p for example.

To make it more meaningful:

If you click on the “Account & tariff info” it will tell you the rate for electricity and gas. The rate is shown as pence per kWh and not really the number of units on your meter.

The actual rates for electricity and gas. depend on the region in which you live.

Electricity tends to be quite easy to work out , 1 unit on your meter equates to 1 kWh so if your electricity rate is 10 pence per kWh it is also 10 pence unit on your electricity meter.

Gas is more complicated, you have to multiply and divide the number of units showing on your meter to arrive at the equivalent kWh.

The formula for converting the number of units used on your gas meter is below,

Meter units used 56 (this was from one of my gas bills)

Volume conversion factor x 1.00

Metric units = 56

Volume correction x 1.02264 (this is an industry figure to account for atmospheric pressure.)

Calorific value x 39.5 (this can vary and adjusts for changes in the composition of gas when burned. )

Convert to kWh ÷ 3.6 (changes Joules to kWh)

Energy used 628 kWh

Roughly it means that 1 unit on you meter equates to about 11.2 kWh.

So if your gas rate is 3 pence per kWh, then each unit on your gas meter is about 33.6 pence

Thanks but not helping

@scudo and @Allanr have provided the information you need, but I’ll try to put it more succinctly.
Scroll to the bottom of this page - and enter your postcode. This will give you the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for gas in your region - including VAT.
As you say, there is a formula to convert from meter readings to kWh, and the amount varies slightly depending on the average calorific value over the month. You’ll be pretty close, though, if you multiply the unit cost per kWh by 11·15.
That will give you the amount you’ll actually pay per unit on the meter.
As an example, in my case in the West Midlands the price per kWh is 3·938p.
3·938 × 11·15 = 43·9p.
NB: this assumes you have a meter which records in cubic meters, which most do these days - it’ll be marked on the meter. Do repost if it happens to be an older meter recording in cubic feet.

Thanks but not helping

OK forget about any formulae.

Prices by all suppliers are shown in kWh this applies also to Bulb and is the unit of measurement of energy used.

Have you accessed your account dashboard mentioned by scudo in the initial response to your query? This may provide the information you are looking for?

When you were with your previous supplier did they supply the information you are requesting? If so can you specifically say what details were supplied (please don’t give personal information)?


Any further thoughts regarding your query?

Thank you. So your saying roughly 44p per meter unit? That’s good to know. I thought it was much more

The easiest way to get an approximate figure would be to download a statement (bill) from, go to page 4 where it gives ‘Gas use in detail’ and divide the ‘energy … kWH total’ by the ‘meter units used’ (you’ll then need to add VAT at 5%).

So, for my last bill:
Meter units used: 12
Energy: 134 kWH @ 2.66p/kWH: £3.57
Therefore price of a ‘meter unit’ is: 3.57/12 = £0.2975p * VAT 1.05 = £0.312 per unit

Of course, this is a ‘rough and ready’ as the volume correction and calorific values do vary (but not much).