Actual tariff

On my quote, the small print says “The prices quoted may be different to how these are displayed on your bill”
Please explain how/why I need to be able to compare before I switch

Hi @Sarge - sorry we haven’t made this clearer!

The prices quoted on our website include VAT, whereas in the statements we send out, they don’t include VAT (which is added on at the bottom of the calculations).

So the unit rates and standing charges you’ve posted there are the full amount and the best ones to use to compare with other suppliers :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

@SamC at Bulb - would it be clearer if the the word “may” at bottom of the tariff table is replaced by the word “will” because in all cases they will be different due to the VAT. Perhaps add words as to the reason why the web site costs are different to the bill costs along the lines you mention in response to @Sarge

Hi @Allanr, thanks a lot for the suggestions, we’ll look at taking these on board :slight_smile: