AD HOC Payments

How do I make a ad hoc payment, have a large refund from previous supplier, cannot see a procedure to pay you an amount in addition to my monthly payment.

Hi @clifford1169 You can make a top-up payment under the “change my payment details” section of MyBulb. The option is underneath the current bulb account balance.


Thanks Alistair, I found this answer shortly after posting, I made a top-up payment on the 9th, how long does it take to appear in my account?, my account shows the credit balance includes the payment, but my bank account show no mention of it?

@clifford1169 The payment will either:
On Debit card - go through at 8:00pm that evening
On Direct Debit - go through in 5 days from the request

You’ll be able to see them on your statement after those times and your MyBulb account will show the payment amount before the payment goes through. If it doesn’t go through, the balance goes back to what it was again.


robc Thanks for the info.