Add GAS account


I have been contacted Bulb for the past week. After talking to someone on the live chat I sent a picture of my gas meter as requested in order to add the gas account to my existing electrivity one but after one week, I still didn’t receive any answer. Advice?


Contact them and chase it up. What else could you do?

Still well within the mandatory 14 day cooling off period, advice a bit of patience

If Bulb had started the switch, @rossellaforle would have received a “sorry you’re leaving” notification from their existing gas supplier by now. I’d say it’s most likely Bulb haven’t done anything at all. Doesn’t hurt to chase it up anyway.

True, but I didn’t receive a " sorry your leaving". But I am forever the optimist, hell I live in the belief that bulb will one day sort themselves out, or is that the impossible dream?