add me to smart meter trial please

i would like to have a smart meter as early as possible please

I would like to be added to the smart meter trial too. Thanks

yes please, me too, I would like a smart meter ASAP

Add me to the smart meter trial please :slight_smile:

I have a smart meter from a previous supplier, will this work with your system.

Hello all, unfortunately the current trial is at capacity, but I’m loving the enthusiasm here! We’ll be starting to ramp up installations at the end of this year, at which point we will start contacting you when we start installing them in your area.

@Ced - unfortunately, most 1st generation smart meters lose their smart functionality when you change supplier, so it’s unlikely it will work with our system. That major failing is the main reason we’ve waited until we could install the 2nd generation meters, as these will work even if you switch.

When do you plan to install smart meters in the Sawbridgeworth area please, and can I get my name down for one now.

@RJB we’re not sure on which areas are coming first just yet. The smart meter trial is now full up, but we’ll be offering these out as soon as we can.