Add the meter reading for FIT to the app.

So Bulb, you could be even more amazing by adding to the app (alongside the current submit readings) the feed in tariff reading. That would be lovely and save customers having to call/email each time.

Heya @T88DPG

Looks like you’ve nearly completed your FiT sign up. How exciting!

How have you found the sign-up process so far? We’d love to hear your feedback.

Currently, FiT members can add their readings to their online Bulb account:

When we request a FiT switch, we have to provide a ‘check meter reading’ to the other supplier, so they can check the reading matches up with their records. Ordinarily, your first meter reading is processed with the application form. Given the delay with British Gas, @“Katie at Bulb” requested another, more up to date, meter reading.

But you’re right, we should add it to the mobile app too.